8 Reasons Behind The AC Not Cooling Properly

Your air conditioner may be releasing warm air as the temperature rises. Unless you can rapidly determine the cause of the issue and fix it, things will become uncomfortable quickly. Contact an AC service in Orlando, FL, for preventive maintenance.

8 Common Reasons For AC Not Cooling Efficiently

  • Air Filter Clogging: The filter collects airborne particles passing through the ductwork before they can cause significant damage to the air conditioning machine. If you do not replace the filter frequently, it can become clogged and impede the airflow. If so, there is a chance that the evaporator coil will freeze, rendering it incapable of cooling the air.

  • Unclean Coils: The condenser coil with debris and dust is clogged if the air conditioner is not producing cool air. Therefore, the condenser coil must be kept clean to remove heat from the exterior to avoid any unnecessary Air Conditioning repair in Orlando FL. A professional will rectify minor problems with routine AC maintenance.

  • Insufficient Coolant: The coolant flows through the evaporator coils, which cools the air that flows over it and ultimately distributes cool air into the room. Inadequate levels of this coolant prevent the air conditioner from cooling. Call an AC service in Orlando, FL, expert immediately for coolant topping off and refilling.

  • Incorrect Thermostat Setting: If your split or window AC unit is not cooling, inspect the thermostat’s operation. It is a problem if your air conditioning unit produces cool air followed by lukewarm air. When faced with such a circumstance, put the thermostat in auto mode. Thus, the fan only operates while the air is being cooled.

  • Refrigerant Leak: It is a common cause of inefficient air conditioning cooling. Due to slow leakage, the level of refrigerants may decline over time. The inadequate refrigerant circulation around the evaporator coil reduces the performance of your air conditioner. If these issues are resolved, you can enjoy maximum cooling temperature from your air conditioner.

  • Unclean Outdoor AC Unit: The majority of air conditioning systems include indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit transfers heat from the interior of the building to the outdoor unit. If the outdoor unit, which cools and recirculates air, cannot dissipate heat. A dirty exterior unit will make your air conditioner work harder to cool your home.

  • Faulty Compressor: A compressor motor is an indispensable component of an air conditioner. It regulates the flow of coolant via the evaporator and condenser components of the refrigeration system. If the compressor has a problem, the air conditioner cannot create the desired amount of cold air.

  • Machinery Issues: Air conditioners experience the typical wear and tear associated with use over time, like most other objects. You should contact us immediately so we can inspect the inner workings of your system.


Call Van Eddies if you are facing such problems and need an AC repair in Orlando, FL. We make repairs that are both prompt and effective, restoring your home’s former level of comfort. If you are facing problems with the air conditioner blowing warm air, do not hesitate to contact us.

How Do You Use AC After A Long Time?

After winter months end, it is important to be ready before turning on your air conditioning. When the summer heat wave hits, you will want your air conditioner to be in good working order. According to AC installation in Orlando, FL experts, once you turn on your air conditioner after hibernation, contact professionals for thorough, affordable air conditioning maintenance.

Things To Do Before Re-Activating The Air Conditioner:

There are vital procedures you should take before turning on the air conditioning in your home after the long winter time of dormancy for your cooling system.

  • Examine And Clean The Outdoor Unit: You should first go outdoors to inspect the outdoor unit and uncover it. Clear the outdoor area as the unwanted heat from your home is directed outside via the condenser.

    Its effectiveness may be hampered by dirt accumulation or leaf clumps. Verify the stability of the panels that hide electrical connections. The insulation on the refrigerant lines should be complete and unbroken.  

  • Examine the Indoor Equipment: Look at your indoor equipment right now. Make sure the circuit breakers and electrical connections are in good working order. Checking the thermostat setting on the programmed device is a brilliant idea.

    Around the refrigerant line, look for ice. It might signify a frozen evaporator coil, resulting in ruined machinery or water damage. Contact a qualified HVAC expert for air conditioning repair in Orlando FL, if anything seems out of the ordinary.
  • Examine Your Vents, Ductwork, And Air Filter: After the winter, before turning on your air conditioner, remove and replace your air filter. The monthly replacement of air filters is one of the most important stages in HVAC maintenance. Your ducts, vents, and air filters are essential components of your central air heating and cooling system.

    Make sure there aren’t any obstructions in the vents surrounding your home. Verify that any exposed ducting is in perfect condition and that the joinery joints are not frayed.
  • Make A Trial Run: Once you’ve completed the instructions, you can switch on your air conditioning. On the other hand, you ought to wait and pay attention to the initial run. Don’t simply switch it on and walk away.

    It might produce heated air, an odd odor, or loud noise. You should turn off your air conditioning system and arrange for an ac repair in Orlando, FL if these things continue for a long time.
  • Plan A Yearly Tune-Up: For both the heating and cooling seasons, your HVAC system needs to be maintained at least once a year. It’s a brilliant idea to get this done right after the winter when you first put on your air conditioner.

    Your system will receive a thorough tune-up from a qualified HVAC specialist, leaving it ready for whatever lies ahead. A yearly tune-up will help extend the life of your air conditioning unit.


Your air conditioner needs to be prepared for the summer, and Van Eddies Heat & Air is here to assist. After a long winter, schedule your maintenance appointment and any necessary repairs before turning on your air conditioning. Contact us for AC installation in Orlando, FL, immediately.

How Often Should AC Turn On And Off?

Our air conditioners are a device often used in the summer months to keep us cool and protected from the sweltering heat. However, the AC has a cycle that runs before turning off and then on again. The time the air conditioner runs to cool your house is called an air conditioning cycle. 

There can be moments when your AC unit isn’t running, but that is typical unless your thermostat is set to “fan on” (which you don’t want to do in the summer). You can think of any period while your AC operates as a cycle.

The Two Types Of Cycles

Now, certain problems arise when it comes to the cycle. The two main problems are the cycle being too long or too short.

Short Cycles:

These can indicate serious issues, particularly when a cycle begins only a few minutes after the previous cycle ends. The system’s brain compressor can sustain lasting and irreparable damage if your air conditioner runs for only 10 minutes or less, several times an hour. While this might indicate that your air conditioner is too big for your house, there can also be other issues.

Call a skilled expert to examine your system instead. Run times that are too short can be brought on by common air conditioning difficulties such as filthy coils, electrical problems, drain obstructions, and thermostat malfunctions.

Long Cycles:

Long cycles can also be a problem. They may indicate that your home’s heating and cooling system is inadequately sized or that the ductwork is not properly sealed. Your utility costs will skyrocket if you use long-run cycles. Long cycles may also signify several problems, including dirty filters and low refrigerant (freon or Puron) levels.

More heat enters the home than the air conditioner can remove, so in many homes, longer run periods will result from exceptionally high external temperatures (95 °F or more) and high humidity/heat index.

The Ideal Amount Of Times Your AC Should Turn On And Off

To classify a cycle into short or long, we also need to know a cycle’s optimum and expected time duration. A properly functioning air conditioner should cycle twice or three times an hour for around 15 to 20 minutes each time. 

The run time will lengthen if the temperature inside your home is extremely high, significantly higher than the temperature your thermostat is set at, or extremely high outside. This helps with the ideal AC installation in Orlando, FL.

The air conditioner must be off for 7 to 10 minutes before turning on again. You should try and avoid long and short cycles by making sure it doesn’t turn on before or after it is supposed to.

Additionally, despite what it may seem like, more energy-efficient heating and cooling systems will operate longer than a normal system since they are built to more effectively control indoor temperature and eliminate humidity for improved comfort.


At Van Eddies Heating and Cooling, we strive to ensure you have the best HVAC system. We provide several air conditioning services, such as AC replacement in Orlando, FL. Contact us today or visit our website and get your air conditioners fixed at affordable prices!

What Does An AC Contractor Do?

HVAC is a shorthand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These elements work together to keep the climate in an interior setting stable. An HVAC unit is a temperature control system that distributes cooled or heated air across a building.

You can even manage the humidity and air quality inside, depending on the system you select. It is safe to assume that HVAC equipment governs the climate in every home or business facility. HVAC contractors are highly skilled in installing, maintaining, inspecting, and AC Repair Orlando FL

Duties of AC contractor

Repair Work

HVAC systems can be incredibly complex, with moving elements that can fail from time to time. HVAC contractors can assist with a wide range of repair chores. As preventive maintenance, the professional may diagnose and resolve problems before they become visible.

Technical Assistance

If a client is unsure about the technology they will need for their home, they can seek the counsel of HVAC contractors. Depending on experience serving consumers, they can also assure that you’re receiving a good value and that the technology is high quality.

Cleanup Operations

Your HVAC system gets dirty. The condenser coils inside the outer unit may become clogged, reducing compressor performance. To eliminate all the accumulation of dirt inside your system, schedule an AC service in Orlando, FL.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance heat pumps used yearly for heating and cooling may require regular maintenance every six months. The contractor will check for leaks, test the thermostats, validate the coolant concentrations, ensure the thermostat is accurate, and resolve any issues that may be present during the regular maintenance process. 

Set Up

Installation services are one of the most basic services to seek from an HVAC provider. It necessitates some knowledge and is best handled by a specialist with years of experience. The contractor will begin by recommending the correct size for an Ac system based on the home’s cooling requirements. 


Any replacement or upgrade work involving your HVAC system will require the involvement of a skilled expert. They are well trained to remove the existing system and execute any upgrades. 

Advantages Of Hiring An AC Contractor

Less Expense

Once your air conditioner has been expertly set, all you keep in mind is to maintain it. Future maintenance will be much less expensive because your machine will only require a checkup rather than a full-service repair.


Regular maintenance can keep your air conditioner working efficiently, but a professional will ensure it does so for many years. 

Duct Cleaning

An expert will inspect your air handler and ducts. Air handlers circulate air within your household, contributing to better air quality. 


An expert contractor will help you keep your home cool and energy-efficient every time you use your system, by suggesting an appropriate size or capacity of an AC for your place that is budget friendly.

Contact or visit our official website, Van Eddies Heat & Air and experience these benefits yourself. We provide the best technicians for all your HVAC services like repairs, installations, and maintenance. 

How Can I Keep My Room Cool Without AC?

The sun is very dramatic; we love the sun in winters, but the love becomes unbearable in the summers. It can be hard facing the heat without an AC. If your AC is not working, you can consider a good Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando, FL. Meanwhile, Are there other ways to calm the heat? 

There are some ways to escape the roasting behavior of the sun. Follow these simple solutions to keep your room cool in the summer without an AC. 

Close Windows and Curtains

Close the windows and curtains; the heat waves from the atmosphere should not enter your room. If the hot air enters your room, it will become a hot box like a microwave. Keeping windows shut will always keep your room colder than outside. 

Drawing the curtains the warm windows from direct sunlight emits heat waves and makes the room warm. Keeping curtains drawn at all times will provide shade and block the heat from the sun. 

Close Rooms And Gaps

The heat present in your house from other rooms might get transferred to your room. Keep the other rooms closed and block the gaps from where the heat might enter your room. Keep the washroom door closed. Cover the gaps under the windows and between the windows. Look for cracks and holes in the room and fill them. Use weathering strips and Expandable spray foam to block the gaps and cracks. 

Avoid Using The Oven

Unless it’s important, don’t use the oven. It generates a lot of heat in the kitchen; the oven will act as a heater in the summer. Grill outside or in the backyard. The heat generated by the oven will take time to go off. Open all the windows if you have done it and close them when the room comes to normal temperature. Incandescent lights also emit heat; use cool lights like CFL bulbs. 

Use Fans

Create a cross breeze by pushing the hot air out as the fans circulate air. Open the windows and put a fan that pushes the air out and another fan that pulls the air in. This will send the hot air out, and the room will get cooler than before. Set the ceiling fan to rotate anti-clockwise to push the air directly downwards.  

Insulate The Walls

Insulating the walls will help as insulation works to keep the warmth in for the winter. Insulating walls will also work for summer, and doing it will keep the cool locked. Apply window films on windows to insulate them and block infrared heat. Once you have cooled the room by cross breezing, shut the doors and windows to keep the room cool. 


Humidity makes the summer difficult. A dehumidifier will remove the moisture, and you will feel much better; it’s good for pets. Dry heat is much better than heat with moisture. 

Make The Roof White

White reflects the heat, whereas black absorbs the heat; white coating the roof or using white panels on the roof will reflect the heat, and it will provide protection against heating the whole house from the roof. If the heat is unbearable even after doing these remedies, contact VAN EDDIES HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING for easy home AC Installation in Orlando, FL

How Long Does It Take To Fix A Broken Air Conditioner?

Nowadays, summers are getting extremely hot every year. It has become very uncomfortable to move around on such sunny days. At such times, a sound and well-functioning air conditioner is the only way to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Hence, before the summer season starts, you need to troubleshoot your air conditioning system and if you spot any issues, try fixing them beforehand. In this article, we will discuss the total duration needed to fix a broken air conditioner.

Factors That Determine The Time Required To Fix A Broken Air Conditioner

Normally, fixing an air conditioner may take four to eight hours. However, it may depend on many factors such as: 

Strange Noises

When your air conditioning system starts making strange sounds, it is a sign that something is wrong with your system. If you hear any banging sounds or loud whirring sounds, the belt inside your unit might be broken or damaged. In the case of belt replacement, it may take only a few hours to fix it. These are minor issues. However, if not fixed on time, it may result in costly repairs and could take a longer period to fix them. 

Lower Refrigerant

When there is moisture in or around your air conditioning system or if your air conditioner starts making bubbling sounds, there may be some problem with your refrigerant. The refrigerant of your air conditioner may be low. Replacing or fixing the refrigerant may take only a few hours.

Damaged Compressor

Sometimes, your air conditioning system does not make your home cool enough or keeps blowing out warm air. At such times, there is a high possibility that your air conditioner’s compressor may be broken or damaged. These kinds of problems are extremely complex and may take a longer period to fix most of the time. In extreme cases, it may even take days to fix such kinds of problems as it needs to replace the compressor.

Broken Ductwork

In case of damaged or broken ductwork, it starts leaking or gets blocked. At such times, the HVAC technicians need to travel through the walls and ceilings to evaluate the problem. And hence, it may take days or even weeks to replace the ductwork and fix the problem. 

Unit Replacement

Skipping your air conditioning maintenance or undergoing poor air conditioning maintenance may result in serious repair issues for your entire cooling system. So, suppose you haven’t undergone maintenance of your air conditioning system for a few months or even years. In that case, there is a higher probability that your air conditioning system may need a full unit replacement. During this process, it may take a few days to fix all the problems associated with your cooling system. This is because your existing air conditioning unit will be disassembled before replacing it with the new one. 

The Bottom Line

After reading this article, you will be able to understand that fixing a problem associated with your air conditioning system may take a few hours. In extreme cases, when the problem is serious, it may even take days or weeks to fix the same. If you are looking for Van Eddies, Air Conditioning and Heating is one of the best AC services in Orlando, FL. We also provide the best AC Tune-Up in Orlando, FL.

The Benefits of Early Spring AC Maintenance You Must Know

Since spring comes right before summer, it is best to schedule annual AC maintenance in the spring. The reason is simple- the earlier you get the maintenance done, the lesser issues you will face with your cooling system. Waiting may cause you discomfort through AC breakdown, expensive repairs, or high energy bills. Therefore, for excellent results, get your professional maintenance done before the busy season.

The Perks of Early Spring Maintenance

Being in this business for years, we have gotten used to the demands of the hot season and our customers, which makes us the best choice for this job. Listed below are the top benefits of early spring AC maintenance.

  • The AC Unit Lasts Longer

Your AC unit needs regular maintenance and tune-ups to have a long and sustainable life like every other machine. It is normal that your AC can last for more than ten years with a professional air conditioning inspection in Orlando, Fl. However, without the necessary maintenance, it will wear out in 5 to 8 years only and need a replacement.

  • High Energy Efficiency, Lesser Energy Bills

A worn-out machine consumes more energy to run, and if that’s the case with your AC, you will have to pay more heavily than ever. However, a professional maintenance service will reduce this energy bill burden by keeping the internal machinery and systems in check and in top conditions. It will keep your ac unit with maximum energy efficiency throughout its lifespan.

  • Fewer Repairs Needed

Continuous breakdowns and interrupted cooling will add to your discomfort during summers. And then, you will have to call for untimely help from technicians, which adds to unnecessary expenses to your wallet. So, if you don’t want to deal with all this hassle, ensure to get early spring AC maintenance to prevent almost 90% of all the problems. Say goodbye to all AC problems with our impeccable expert services.

  • Regular Tune-Ups are more Cost-Effective

Maintenance or tune-ups keeps the health of your AC unit in check, alerts you for possible threats, and even resolves the issues before they come up. So overall, these services are worth every penny and time. While, if the unit is completely damaged, it will cost you a fortune for replacement. Therefore, preventing the issue is better than finding late repairs and spending unnecessary money.

  • Greater Comfort and Peace

When you know that your ac has no issues and inefficiency, you will automatically experience peace of mind and a happy summer without the worries of sudden breakdown. You will remain confident about your family’s comfort on the hottest days and live peacefully, risk-free. So, don’t ignore the maintenance and prepare early for peaceful summers.

Call for Help

If you need any advice about AC service in Orlando, Fl, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our website.

How Do You Know If Your Ac Is Low On Gas?

The loss of refrigerant is a common problem with air conditioners. However, refrigerant never gets depleted while the air conditioning system is running. So unless you have a backflow in your system, you don’t have to worry about losing it, even if it runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Leaks of coolant can cause a variety of issues. Worse, your air conditioner may completely fail. Thus, it is essential to recognize the symptoms of a refrigerant leak to limit the amount of destruction that it can cause. Furthermore, it is also prudent to call experts for a timely AC tune-up in Orlando, FL, to keep refrigerant at optimum levels.

How to Tell If your AC is Low on Gas?

Here are some indications that your air conditioner is low on gas.

  • There is ice on the coolant line

Examine your air conditioner carefully to see if there is any frost on the refrigerant line. Consider spraying a pressurized air duster as an example of how that works. If you do it for an extended period, it can cause extreme cold due to the formation of low pressure, which leads to lower temperatures. If the refrigerant inside the device is low, the stress inside the coolant tubes will be low, resulting in a lower temperature.

The temperature can drop so low that water freezes, resulting in ice on the evaporator section. When the evaporator coil inside the air conditioner freezes, the liquid coolant inside the unit cools and begins to flow through the refrigerant line, causing the moisture from the air surrounding the refrigerant line to cool and turn to ice.

  • Bubbling Noise

If there is a refrigerant leak in the air conditioner ducts, you will hear a bubbling or hissing noise. The noise will be similar to when a leak occurs in a balloon and air begins to escape from it. In most cases, an air conditioner loses refrigerant due to a leak in the refrigerant line.

Most people believe that the refrigerant inside an air conditioner is slowly depleted, similar to how gas depletes inside a car, but this is not the case.

The refrigerant is not depleted. It simply compresses and decompresses due to the compressor’s action within the AC unit. When the refrigerant in an air conditioner runs low, it is usually due to leakage. So, when you call a service tech, the technician will locate the leak and ensure that it does not occur again.

  • The air conditioner does not produce cold air

If you leave your air conditioning unit on all day but the air doesn’t cool, and you’re uncomfortable inside, it could be due to various factors. However, one of the significant causes of no cold airflow is the lack of refrigerant in your device.

Are you looking for a professional tune-up or AC repair in Orlando, FL? Call our team at Van Eddies Heating & Air.

5 Common Heating Problems & What Could Be Causing Them

The Winter season is all about enjoyment with family. It is not the time to have heating issues. The heater should enhance the house’s peace, warmth, and coziness. To combat the coldness, we need a 100 percent functional heater.

If you’re constantly experiencing cold in your house, there are a few typical heating problems that might be to blame. Keep in mind that while you can check certain items yourself, the majority of issues will require the services of a heating repair Orlando, FL, professional to diagnose and repair.

  • Uneven Heating

There might be a zoning problem if you have unheated patches or cold rooms in your house, no matter how much you turn up the heat. You may need to install a zoning system if the furnace is not evenly heating the house. Check if the room’s vent is clogged or leaking. If the problem spreads to other sections of your home, seek assistance from a Heating Replacement in Orlando, FL

  • Leaking Cold Air Through Unsealed Vents

Check if the thermostat is on “heat,” The fan is set to “automatic” if warm air isn’t coming through the vents. Check the main power panel for a tripped breaker if vents blow frigid air. If you own a heat pump, check the exterior unit’s fan. Check the breaker near the unit if it is not turning.

  • The Furnace is Continuously on, but Doesn’t Heat the House

Short-cycling is when your furnace keeps going on but shuts off before it can warm your home. Make sure the filter is clean and unclogged first. Next, double-check the thermostat’s settings to be sure they’re proper.

A refrigerant leak might be the source of the problem if you have a heat pump. Any technical faults should be reported to a heating repair service Orlando, FL, specialist immediately, as they might cause irreversible damage to your furnace.

  • The Pilot Light Doesn’t Work or is Orange

Safety is always a concern. If you suspect a problem with your gas furnace, make an appointment with a heating professional. An orange, red, or yellow pilot light is one of the most prevalent problems with a gas furnace. A bright blue flame with a golden tip should be blazing.

The cause might be a faulty ignition control or a gas line obstruction if the flame is the wrong hue. Turn off the furnace and check the breaker to determine whether it tripped. If it did, switch the furnace back on and reset it. 

  • Rumbling, Rattling, or Squeacking Noises

The cause of a weird rumbling, slamming, or booming noise coming from your furnace is most likely mechanical. You should contact an HVAC contractor as soon as possible. Another symptom that requires expert attention is rattling in a damaged heat exchanger. While it might be as simple as loose ductwork, it’s wise to be safe and consult a professional.

Facing Any Such Furnace Related Issues?

Contact Van Eddie’s Heat & Air today. Book an Appointment or visit our website to know more about our Heating Replacement Orlando FL services and customer reviews.

Is Your Furnace Short Cycling?

As the season changes and winters come, you would want to be ready and wish your furnaces to be working their best. But since they have not been used too much in the summer months, problems and inefficiencies like differences in reading and actual temperature, foul smells might arise and more often than not, one particular problem, short cycling, arises. 

Short cycling in a furnace is a common occurrence. It happens if your furnace starts and stops too quickly, failing to bring the room upto the required temperature before shutting off. It might also start again later than expected, creating an inefficient energy sucking cycle which costs you more, but does not satisfy your needs. This might happen due to problems in your thermostat or radiator, or simply the size of the machine relative to the size of the room it is supposed to heat, but if your furnace is starting and stopping too frequently, you should call your technician as soon as possible.

Lifespan of a furnace can be greatly increased with proper repair and maintenance. The furnace system’s life can be extended by 15 years if properly maintained. But self-maintenance is a pain, and you never know if things are done right. 

This is where we at Van Eddies come in. We are an Orlando, Florida based company, reputed for providing exemplary services. Our most renowned service that we provide is the heat repair services in Orlando, and the services we provide include –

  • Heating repair services, Orlando, Fl
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  • Heating replacement, Orlando, Fl
  • Heat pump replacement services, Orlando, Fl

Why choose us? We at Van Eddies boast of 

  • Highly skilled and certified technicians in our team. We hire only the best employees after a background check who further go through intense training. They have a strong work ethic and give you an explanation of what they are about to do, why they would be doing it and proceed only after you approve.
  • Certifications and accreditations for providing high quality services.
  • Versatility and customization in our service and product plans according to you for your comfort and pleasure, our primary goal. 
  • As a responsible company, we are insured and protected so that you do not have to worry about facing any losses on your part. If you incur losses due to mistakes or negligence on our part, we shall fully reimburse you.
  • Excellent customer support services that are in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take feedback and to respond to your queries. 

Apart from Heat related services, we also provide Air conditioning services and improving the indoor air quality of your home for you. 

Our Air conditioning services include:

  • Air conditioner installation
  • Air conditioner replacement
  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • Air conditioner tune up
  • Air conditioner service and repair

We serve for your satisfaction. Call us today at (321) 663-2665. Or visit our website to schedule a service, get estimates about the service and know more about us.