There have been numerous inquiries about air conditioners, like can the air conditioners filter out the smoke and smog? Unfortunately, most air conditioners do not get engineered to filter smoke or pollution, but certain air conditioning air filters can help. Also, to keep pollution levels low at your place, you can contact a professional for AC service in Orlando, FL, and consult with them about different air filters.

Can Air Conditioning Systems Filter Smoke?

When it comes to smoke, the built-in dust filters in an AC won’t help much. However, you can reduce the smoke impact at your place by following the tips mentioned below.

  • Regularly clean and change the AC air filters

The indoor unit of every air conditioner has a dust filtration system. It accumulates dust from the air as it passes through, preventing it from blocking up the internal mechanisms. Hence, you must follow the instructions for information on how to get to the filters and how often they must get cleaned.

Clean filters help your air conditioning system run more smoothly and efficiently by allowing for easier air circulation. Or, you can also contact a professional for repair or AC replacement in Orlando, FL, to get the job done.

  • Reduced smoke concentration by using ionization filters

Some air conditioners have an ionization-based air purification filtration system. Photoelectrocatalytic and plasma stream filters are two examples of this type of filter. Although ionization filters can remove some smoke, their assertions usually focus on the expulsion of dust particles, toxins, pathogens, and germs.

  • Purchasing an aftermarket air-purifying filtration system comes with a risk

A quick search of the internet reveals a variety of aftermarket air-purifying filtration systems for air conditioners are labeled as electromagnetic, activated carbon, or something similar. They claim to be compliant with prominent air conditioning brands and can be cut into small to fit various models in some cases.

  • For smoke, HEPA filters are still the best alternative

A HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air) is the easiest way of filtering out smaller particles like smoke. HEPA filters are available in many air purifiers and most water purifier units, but not in air conditioning units. Because of the density of the filters, HEPA filters are only effective at low circulation levels. As a result, they can’t get used in residential split-system or ductless air conditioners, which must frequently produce considerably more airflow than a specialized air purifier.

Residential air conditioners with a complete HEPA filtration may come in the future if a substantial redesign takes place in the HVAC world. Also, many manufacturers make split-system versions that include “Bio-HEPA” filters and an ion filter.

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