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3 Signs that its Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

In Orlando, Florida, it can be extremely hot and humid most of the year. Most residents negate the excessively warm and sticky weather with a little air conditioning. However, as time progresses, AC units need to be replaced. We understand the importance of AC Replacement In Orlando, FL, and Surrounding Areas. Here are 3 signs when it is time to replace your air conditioning unit.

  1. Excessive Energy Bill
    Have you noticed a spike in your energy bill and cannot confirm why? There is a very strong chance that it is due to your air conditioner. When wattage increases in your energy bill and you know you are doing your part to conserve energy every month, it could be your AC unit. This is because the AC unit may be overworking itself due to outdated mechanics.
  2. Constant Breakdown
    Another key sign it’s time to replace your AC unit is if breaks down often. It is not uncommon for needing regular maintenance for your air conditioner, However, if you are scheduling frequent visits from an HVAC Technician regarding consistent breakdowns, it may be time to replace your unit.
  3. Increases and Decreases in Humidity
    A final sign that it may be time to replace your AC unit are fickle levels of humidity within your home. If you find your home becoming sometimes muggy, but yet sometimes too dry, it may be due to a faulty air conditioner. The age of the AC unit may be affecting the undesirable levels of humidity in your residence or business.

How to Choose an HVAC Company for AC Replacement in Orlando, FL

If your air conditioner is ready to be replaced, the next step is to decide which HVAC company to call to do the job. There is no shortage of air conditioner services in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas, that’s for sure. So, how do you know which company you can rely on to do the work? Here are a few things to look for:

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Experience Is Key

When it comes to air conditioner replacement, the last thing you want is for an inexperienced company to do the job. The best choice is always a company with verifiable experience in HVAC like Van Eddies Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been serving the Orlando area for more than two decades and we’re a trusted HVAC authority with a long list of satisfied customers.

Licensed and Insured

Before you allow anyone to work on your air conditioner, it’s vital that you verify their license in the state of Florida. You also want to make sure that the company carries adequate insurance to protect you against any damages, accidents, or other mishaps that may occur. You can rest assured that we do, indeed, have the proper licensing to do HVAC work and that we’re completely insured.

Financing Options

Air conditioner replacement can have a major impact on your family’s budget, especially if you have make one lump-sum payment to the HVAC company. This could make you put off replacing your air conditioner and suffering through the heat if it dies, but it doesn’t have to. We understand that money can be an issue and we’re here to help with flexible financing options.

Don’t put off AC replacement, contact us at Van Eddies Heating & Cooling or call (321) 663-2665 today for a free, no-obligation estimate or to schedule an appointment today. Our friendly, professional staff and technicians are committed to providing our neighbors with the highest quality HVAC services at affordable prices.

Van Eddies is Here to Help You!

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