With temperatures rising yearly, it’s essential to take care of your AC unit to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. Van Eddies Heat & Air is the leading air conditioning company in the area, providing the best air conditioning repair services in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas since 1999.

We serve many residential and commercial customers, providing routine maintenance and repair services to help keep their units running at peak efficiency. Our technicians are certified, highly trained, and are experienced in all air conditioning units and brands. Contact us today to schedule a service!

Here are Six Tips to Help You Get Your Air Conditioning Unit Ready for the Fall Season:

1. Schedule Professional Maintenance: Scheduling an annual maintenance appointment with the professionals is always beneficial in maintaining a well-functioning AC system. Our technicians will inspect and clean all components, lubricate moving parts, check for refrigerant levels, and more. It will help to reduce the risk of an unexpected breakdown in the future.

2. Clean the Outdoor Unit: Before the warm weather arrives, it’s essential to clean the outdoor unit of any debris or grass clippings that may have accumulated over the summer. It will help prevent any damage to the unit and improve its efficiency.

3. Change The Air Filters: Replacing the air filter in your AC unit is essential for keeping the air clean and free of allergens. Changing out your filters every three months or as often as needed will help improve your system’s efficiency and save you money on energy bills.

4. Check For Leaks: Leaks in your air conditioning unit can reduce efficiency and lead to costly repairs. Check for leaks around the unit, including the ductwork and refrigerant lines, and have them repaired promptly. If you reside in the area, you can contact our professionals for air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL, to help fix any leaks.

5. Inspect The Wiring: Wiring problems can cause detrimental issues with an air conditioning unit, so a professional must inspect any electrical components before turning your system on. It will help to reduce the risk of an electrical fire or damage to the unit.

6. Check The Thermostat: Before the hot weather arrives, ensure your thermostat is in good working condition and set at an efficient temperature. Programmable thermostats are a great way to stay comfortable without wasting energy, but if you have an older model, you can still save money by turning the unit up or down when you’re away from home.

These are a few of the tips that our technicians suggest when it comes to preparing your air conditioning unit for the fall season. Contact Van Eddies Heat & Air today to schedule a service, and we’ll make sure your air conditioning unit is ready for the coming months. With our expert AC service in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas, you can be sure your system will run smoothly and efficiently year-round!