In today’s hectic and tiring life, air conditioners have become a necessity for everyone. Air conditioning has become a synonym for comfort, and correctly so! From your homes to swanky offices, air conditioners are one of the things you do not want to compromise on. If well maintained, air conditioners can last several years. But, the troubles that come with maintaining an air conditioner are very taxing. 

Common problems with most air conditioners include leakage of refrigerant or water, the air conditioner making noises, problems with cooling, compressor damage and what not. How to fix these problems effectively, without your pocket taking the dent? We have the best solution for you.

Hello there! We are Van Eddies, a Florida based company in the city of Orlando. We are air heating and conditioning experts whose priority is your comfort and satisfaction since 1999. We specialize in heating and cooling devices and the full range of services that they require. From start to the end. We are what you require, a one stop solution to all your air conditioner and heater needs! We provide air conditioning services in Orlando, and our services include :

We here at Van Eddies are widely renowned for our quality of services and we also provide indoor air quality control services. We serve all kinds of residential and commercial places with our expertise.

Why choose us? We at Van Eddies boast of 

  • Certified and highly skilled technicians in our team. 
  • Certifications and accreditations for providing high quality services.
  • Versatility and customization in our service and product plans.
  • As a responsible company, we are insured and protected so that you do not have to worry about facing any losses on your part. 
  • Excellent customer support services that are in place 24 hours a day.
  • Financing options are available for your comfort.
  • Apart from AC services, we also provide services relating to heating pumps, electricals and plumbing services, ductless AC and heating installation and repairs and even water heating services.

Trust us, we really are the A to Z solution providers to your HVAC system problems.

You could also learn about us from all our customers, and most of them are happy ones. People find us efficient, effective, and we always find a way to make it light on your pockets as we come up with new packages and discount offers time and again!

We serve for your satisfaction. Call us today at (321) 663-2665 or visit our website to schedule a service, get some estimates, and know more about us.

Our website offers a ton of information as well, about the services, estimates, and the seasonal energy efficiency ratio which can help you determine how much you are saving and what more scope you have.

Our professionals will contact you and reach within half an hour of your call, but we are happy to work around your schedule.