An air conditioner is an expensive yet necessary HVAC appliance in your home. It is hard to imagine going through the summer season without an efficient air conditioner that provides enough cool air for your home.

However, air conditioners cannot work forever. After a fixed number of years, you’ll need to contact the professionals for AC replacement services in Orlando, FL, to remove your old system and replace it with a new one.

Signs For Replacement

Knowing the right time for air conditioner replacement is necessary as it is a significant investment. If you are unsure about the right replacement time, here are some signs that indicate you need to contact our technician for a new air conditioner:

  • Continuous Hot Air

Your air conditioner may temporarily give warm air instead of cold due to refrigerant leakage or clogged air filters. However, if you contacted our technician for an AC repair schedule in Orlando, FL, to fix the issue, yet it gives hot air, you should consider replacing the system.

  • Poor Airflow

Dirty air filters or clogged vents can create airflow issues in your home. However, if the airflow remains permanently poor, your system is inefficient in cooling your home. You should start saving money to invest in buying a new air conditioner for the next summer season.

  • Foul Smells or Unwanted Noise

An efficient air conditioner should not trouble the owners with foul smells and loud noises. If your air conditioner is one big source of loud noises in your home, you should consult your technician about buying a new system.

  • Unbalanced Moisture Level

The primary function of an air conditioner is to cool your home, and its secondary function is to balance the humidity levels of the indoor air. If your system can neither cool your home nor maintain the humidity levels, its parts fail to the extent that you have no choice but to replace the system.

  • Short Cycling

Short cycling is a serious problem for any HVAC appliance; the same goes for air conditioners. Short cycling can seriously damage the sensitive parts of an air conditioner and can lead to irreparable damage. If your air conditioner has short cycles almost daily, you should contact our technician for AC replacement services in Orlando, FL.

  • High Energy Levels

The best way to know whether your air conditioner is efficient is through the monthly energy bills. An unexpected rise in the energy bills indicates that the cooling system parts are inefficient and need to work extra to maintain a cool temperature.

  • Frequent Repair Jobs

An air conditioner can need one or two repair jobs during its working cycle, but if it needs more than two repair jobs each month, you should not spend money on it; instead, save it and invest in a new, energy-efficient AC system.

Bottom Line

If you want to know whether your air conditioner needs a replacement or a repair, contact Van Eddies Heating and Air Conditioning for reliable services. We maintain complete transparency with our customers and will guide you through all solutions with honesty.

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