Air condensers of heating or cooling units are the lifelines of your HVAC system. This is why you need to ensure that you are performing regular tune-ups and maintenance to keep condensers running and healthy. This way, you can cut down on total annual energy costs and make the unit efficient.

Recognizing Condenser Problems

Some air condenser issues are common to spot if visible damage or a foul smell indicates a safety hazard. Here are some more complex issues to take note of

  • Frozen Compressor: Ice starts to build on your air compressor, which might be due to a leakage in the coolant line. Damaged coils can also cause ice accumulation. Only a professional can fix this.
  • Cycling Problems: If you face short cycling problems, your thermostat is most probably causing the frequent change. Dirty air filters and improperly maintained condensers have a lot of wear and tear on the internal mechanism, affecting regular cycling. 
  • Rising Bills: Your HVAC system takes up more electricity and energy if an inefficient component is rusted. Sudden temperature fluctuation might be the underlying cause of such rising bills. As soon as there is a fluctuation, check the voltage to ensure it is not related to your furnace. Instead, it would help if you had an electrical unit fix.
Methods for Better Air Conditioner Efficiency
  • Cleaning The Vents: Unclean vents cause many problems because of the piled-up sediment and debris. Sometimes the vents are blocked by furniture, toys, and even blinds. People in the countryside often experience a foul smell coming from the vents, indicating a dead rodent or small animal inside. The air condenser works better once the winds are clean and consume less energy.
  • Close Outlets: One cannot maintain a constant temperature inside the house or a room with several openings. Make a point to close all doors and windows so that the cold air can circulate inside the room. Homeowners tend to switch on their air conditioners, allow the house to cool a little, and then turn it off with all the doors and windows closed. Although this is an efficient way, the sudden temperature changes might affect your health as well as the functioning of your HVAC system.
  • Thermostat and Appliances: Try to keep other heat-producing appliances at a distance from your thermostat. Heating contractors always provide a guide on how you can locate your air conditioning unit inside and outside. If the thermostat is installed directly under the sun or near another heat pump, it tends to malfunction. Prevent the malfunctioning and the need for repairs by avoiding locating the thermostat in an exposed area. 

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