The summer is approaching us at full speed and we need to be prepared with all our appliances shining clean and working perfectly. The number one necessity in the summers is your HVAC system, particularly an air conditioning system. You may notice odors, sounds, and temperature-control problems in your system. A regular tune-up will eliminate any potential signs of repair or malfunction.

There are many benefits of regular maintenance of air conditioners. Maintenance and servicing of air conditioners ensure that there is no severe damage to the unit, the durability of the air conditioner increases, the damage caused by the environment like water bodies decreases, the efficiency of the air conditioner increases exponentially, the air conditioner consumes less electricity to maintain the room temperature, and the resale value also increases.

But people often wonder what an HVAC Technician does during the tune-up and servicing of the air conditioner. They usually stand beside or behind the technician, wondering what he/she is doing, but do not ask the technician directly. Here, we shall describe the tune-up comprising three phases.

  • The First Phase of Inspection of the Air Conditioner And Furnace

In the first phase of inspection, the technician will examine the air conditioner thoroughly. You can have the air conditioner, and the furnace checked together, or you can have them checked separately. The technician will look for wear and tear signs in the air conditioner. The technician ensures that the drain pan is working well, the refrigerant levels are enough and adequate, and examines the other components. The technician will check the compressor, motor and ensure that the other components are in their best working condition for the furnace.

  • The Second Phase of Cleaning the Air Conditioner And the Furnace

Cleaning the air conditioner and the furnace is a must. The technician will clean both the parts to ensure that they are in a top-tier conditioner. Whether you have had your air conditioner checked regularly, the technician will clean it to remove the small dust and dirt particles for better cooling and efficiency.

  • The Third Phase of Servicing the Air Conditioner And the Furnace

After the inspection and cleaning, the last step is servicing the air conditioner. The technician will solve and clear all the problems and issues detected during the air conditioner inspection and furnace inspection. It may include the replacement of worn-out or old parts for better cleaning and efficiency. It will ensure that the air conditioner does not face any big damage in the future. For refrigerant levels, the technician will check for leakage and recharge the system fully to ensure better cooling. If there is any problem with the compressor or the capacitor, the technician will take them out and replace them.

A proper tune-up of the air conditioner is required for everyone. However, it is easy to forget about the AC tune-up in Orlando, Fl. If you want to have your air conditioner tuned up, visit Van Eddies Heating and Air Conditioning. They will provide you with the best AC service in Orlando, Fl, and will remind you of the tune-up of your air conditioner whenever you forget.