The sun is very dramatic; we love the sun in winters, but the love becomes unbearable in the summers. It can be hard facing the heat without an AC. If your AC is not working, you can consider a good Air Conditioning Repair in Orlando, FL. Meanwhile, Are there other ways to calm the heat? 

There are some ways to escape the roasting behavior of the sun. Follow these simple solutions to keep your room cool in the summer without an AC. 

Close Windows and Curtains

Close the windows and curtains; the heat waves from the atmosphere should not enter your room. If the hot air enters your room, it will become a hot box like a microwave. Keeping windows shut will always keep your room colder than outside. 

Drawing the curtains the warm windows from direct sunlight emits heat waves and makes the room warm. Keeping curtains drawn at all times will provide shade and block the heat from the sun. 

Close Rooms And Gaps

The heat present in your house from other rooms might get transferred to your room. Keep the other rooms closed and block the gaps from where the heat might enter your room. Keep the washroom door closed. Cover the gaps under the windows and between the windows. Look for cracks and holes in the room and fill them. Use weathering strips and Expandable spray foam to block the gaps and cracks. 

Avoid Using The Oven

Unless it’s important, don’t use the oven. It generates a lot of heat in the kitchen; the oven will act as a heater in the summer. Grill outside or in the backyard. The heat generated by the oven will take time to go off. Open all the windows if you have done it and close them when the room comes to normal temperature. Incandescent lights also emit heat; use cool lights like CFL bulbs. 

Use Fans

Create a cross breeze by pushing the hot air out as the fans circulate air. Open the windows and put a fan that pushes the air out and another fan that pulls the air in. This will send the hot air out, and the room will get cooler than before. Set the ceiling fan to rotate anti-clockwise to push the air directly downwards.  

Insulate The Walls

Insulating the walls will help as insulation works to keep the warmth in for the winter. Insulating walls will also work for summer, and doing it will keep the cool locked. Apply window films on windows to insulate them and block infrared heat. Once you have cooled the room by cross breezing, shut the doors and windows to keep the room cool. 


Humidity makes the summer difficult. A dehumidifier will remove the moisture, and you will feel much better; it’s good for pets. Dry heat is much better than heat with moisture. 

Make The Roof White

White reflects the heat, whereas black absorbs the heat; white coating the roof or using white panels on the roof will reflect the heat, and it will provide protection against heating the whole house from the roof. If the heat is unbearable even after doing these remedies, contact VAN EDDIES HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING for easy home AC Installation in Orlando, FL