Nowadays, summers are getting extremely hot every year. It has become very uncomfortable to move around on such sunny days. At such times, a sound and well-functioning air conditioner is the only way to keep yourself cool and comfortable. Hence, before the summer season starts, you need to troubleshoot your air conditioning system and if you spot any issues, try fixing them beforehand. In this article, we will discuss the total duration needed to fix a broken air conditioner.

Factors That Determine The Time Required To Fix A Broken Air Conditioner

Normally, fixing an air conditioner may take four to eight hours. However, it may depend on many factors such as: 

Strange Noises

When your air conditioning system starts making strange sounds, it is a sign that something is wrong with your system. If you hear any banging sounds or loud whirring sounds, the belt inside your unit might be broken or damaged. In the case of belt replacement, it may take only a few hours to fix it. These are minor issues. However, if not fixed on time, it may result in costly repairs and could take a longer period to fix them. 

Lower Refrigerant

When there is moisture in or around your air conditioning system or if your air conditioner starts making bubbling sounds, there may be some problem with your refrigerant. The refrigerant of your air conditioner may be low. Replacing or fixing the refrigerant may take only a few hours.

Damaged Compressor

Sometimes, your air conditioning system does not make your home cool enough or keeps blowing out warm air. At such times, there is a high possibility that your air conditioner’s compressor may be broken or damaged. These kinds of problems are extremely complex and may take a longer period to fix most of the time. In extreme cases, it may even take days to fix such kinds of problems as it needs to replace the compressor.

Broken Ductwork

In case of damaged or broken ductwork, it starts leaking or gets blocked. At such times, the HVAC technicians need to travel through the walls and ceilings to evaluate the problem. And hence, it may take days or even weeks to replace the ductwork and fix the problem. 

Unit Replacement

Skipping your air conditioning maintenance or undergoing poor air conditioning maintenance may result in serious repair issues for your entire cooling system. So, suppose you haven’t undergone maintenance of your air conditioning system for a few months or even years. In that case, there is a higher probability that your air conditioning system may need a full unit replacement. During this process, it may take a few days to fix all the problems associated with your cooling system. This is because your existing air conditioning unit will be disassembled before replacing it with the new one. 

The Bottom Line

After reading this article, you will be able to understand that fixing a problem associated with your air conditioning system may take a few hours. In extreme cases, when the problem is serious, it may even take days or weeks to fix the same. If you are looking for Van Eddies, Air Conditioning and Heating is one of the best AC services in Orlando, FL. We also provide the best AC Tune-Up in Orlando, FL.