There are times when problems creep up within your AC, resulting in the need for an AC Repair in Orlando FL. One of the best ways to avoid this is to schedule an AC service. Apart from repairing any problems that are present, a diagnostic test is also run. This checks that all the various parts of the system are functioning.  

How Long Does An Air Conditioning Diagnostic Take?

Generally, an AC diagnostic test takes about 30 minutes to perform. However, this timeframe only applies if the system has already undergone air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL. The majority of the difficulties must have already been fixed during a repair. A diagnostic test, on the other hand, can take the entire day to perform and fix if there are serious problems still existing within the system.

What Is Included In An AC Diagnostic Test?

An AC diagnostic test is a maintenance and inspection service that ensures the system is in proper working order. These tests frequently involve the following:

  • The thermostat is checked to make sure it’s in good operating order, so you can stay comfortable while saving money on energy.

  • All electric components are thoroughly inspected to ensure that any loose wires are properly attached.

  • Lubricating all of the system’s moving elements to avoid friction that could cause long-term damage.

  • Draining and cleaning the condensate drain pipe and pan to avoid blockage or overflowing, which could lead to a system leak.

  • Cleaning or replacement of air filters is required so that the system may effectively filter any contaminants present in the environment.

  • Test the system’s running cycle to confirm that it turns on, runs effectively, and turns off when needed.

Advantages Of An AC Diagnostic Test

Apart from the frequent need for an air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL, there are many ways that an AC diagnostic test can help:

  • Increase In Efficiency Level: An AC diagnostic test can help you improve the system’s efficiency. These tests are designed to identify and resolve any faults that may be obstructing the system’s performance, increasing its efficiency. As a result, your utility bills will be lower because the system consumes less power to operate.

  • Longer Lifespan: An air conditioner has a 15-year average lifespan. When a system is in good working order, however, its lifespan can be extended. This is because it requires fewer repairs. A diagnostic test ensures that all components are working properly and that the refrigerant level is at the proper level.

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality: If the system doesn’t receive a diagnostic test, there is a high possibility of it not being able to filter the contaminants present in the air properly. Rather than face this issue, it is better to schedule a diagnostic test regularly.

Getting a diagnostic test for your AC can increase its lifespan and improve its efficiency. A regular diagnostic test takes about half an hour and can extend to an hour or more, spending on the condition of the unit. If you are looking for a reliable company for AC diagnostics and air conditioning repair in Orlando, FL, Van Eddies can help. Call us today at (321)-663-2665 to know more.