One of the most important components of an air conditioner that is placed during an AC installation in Orlando, FL, is the thermostat. The thermostat regulates the air conditioning to a person’s preferred temperature during the summer and winter. Many individuals prefer to keep it at the same temperature all year, while others prefer to adjust it according to the weather, time of day, and season. However, there is no right or wrong way to control the thermostat.

Advantages Of A Constant AC Temperature

There isn’t that much of an advantage to keeping the AC at a constant temperature except for convenience’s sake. The constant temperature also allows your system to run at one pace. This makes an AC service in Orlando, FL easier to do as the system would be operating with lesser fluctuations.

Disadvantages Of A Constant AC Temperature

Setting the thermostat to a constant temperature has the main disadvantage of increasing heat energy loss. To balance itself out, heat energy tends to travel from a spot where there is more of it to a place where there isn’t.

When your thermostat is set to a high temperature all of the time, your home will eventually become warmer than the outside temperature. So to balance it out, heat energy will start leaking outside, causing a person to run their system for longer to maintain the heat level. This turns into a cycle that can cause a person to believe their system is faulty, thus scheduling an AC replacement in Orlando, FL.

The Best Way To Control Your Thermostat

The best way to effectively use your thermostat as well as avoid the need for an AC replacement in Orlando, FL, is to follow the 8-hour routine. In simple terms, it means to have your thermostat set at a higher temperature when you leave home and set it at a lower temperature that is as close to the outside temperature when you get home. This not only helps to reduce your utility bill but also reduces the amount of heat energy that is being leaked outside.

Invest In A Smart Thermostat

During an AC installation in Orlando, FL, a person is often advised on the benefits of investing in a smart thermostat. These devices allow a person to program the temperature to remain constant or change at a particular time and to what temperature. This way, a person doesn’t have to continuously worry about having to change their system’s thermostat setting each day.

So, is it better to keep your AC at one temperature? The answer depends on your needs. However, it is always advisable to go for a timer-based temperature setting to avoid heat loss. Finally, make sure to get your AC unit regularly serviced with the best AC service in Orlando, FL. If you are on the lookout for such a service, look no further than Van Eddies Heating & Air. Avail top quality and affordable today by calling us at (321)-663-2665 or email us at [email protected].