The first thing that pops up in our heads when we think of summers is the heat. The heat drains our energy and leaves us exhausted. To escape this unpleasant scenario, we seek the refuge of our air conditioners. Air conditioners top our essential summer list as they keep us comfortable and cool during the season.

With comfort comes a bit of inconvenience as well, in terms of maintenance and servicing. Air conditioners being a mechanical structure, require regular maintenance. Ignoring its need for inspection and repair can cause intense damage to the parts of the unit like erosion of evaporator coils, failure of the fan, etc.

How Many Times Should An Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

Just as humans need monthly checkups to keep themselves healthy and working, air conditioners require servicing to generate cool air without interference. It is ideal to book an AC service in Orlando, FL, once a year, during the spring season. Getting your AC serviced annually will save you a lot of money that will be otherwise spent repairing a failed system. Yet, it is essential to keep a check on a few common things about your air conditioner and keep it maintained.

Some DIY tasks to maintain the efficiency and functioning of the air conditioner –

  • Evaluate the Performance of Your Air Conditioner

You can assess if your air conditioner is working fine or not. Turn the air conditioner to the coolest degree and see if the AC is throwing out cool air or not. Also, look out for any weird noises or strange smells coming from the system. If any of the above signs are not present, your AC is doing fine.

  • Change the Filters

The filters of the air conditioner play a major role in the smooth functioning of the system. Filters accumulate dirt & dust, obstructing the airflow. Ensure to change filters if you notice weak airflow and decreased cool air.

  • Cleaning of the Unit

After cleaning the filters, proceed to clean the unit. Inspect the vents and see if they are clean. Use bleach and water to clean the drain of the outside unit, which is prone to mold and algae buildup. Ensure that the unit has 2 feet of clearance space, no debris, and has proper insulation around the refrigerant lines.

  • Tasks for the Technicians

Though the homeowner can do some routine maintenance, the major servicing tasks have to be handled by professional technicians who know their way around your air conditioner. You should call a professional when the following happens:

  • You hear strange noises or smell a weird odor
  • Electricity bills show a spike
  • Moisture and mold build-up is prominent
  • Refrigerant leakage
  • The air conditioner does not cool

DIY-ing is not recommended for the major fixes of the air conditioner. You can call Van Eddies Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC company for a yearly AC tune-up in Orlando, FL. We offer a number of HVAC services and provide diligent technical customer service. Want an AC service in Orlando, FL? Call us today!