Troubleshooting a Goodman Central Air Conditioner requires a fundamental comprehension of how air conditioners effectively function. For the most part, this includes the numerous elements of an air conditioner as well as the pattern of performance.

Every Goodman central air-conditioning system comprises a compressor on the outside that injects a refrigerant gas to remove moisture and cool the surrounding air. It also circulates warm air over the indoor coil (a coil on the inside situated over the furnace) and pumps it to the outside of the house, while pumping the cool air inside. With regular usage, the compressor unit in the Goodman central air system may malfunction. If needed, refer to the instruction booklet on solving very serious problems with the parts of the system. Before troubleshooting a Goodman central air conditioner, identifying the complication that the system is encountering is imperative.


While troubleshooting your Goodman Central Air Conditioner, you should first check your thermostat. The thermostat controls the central air and heating system and hence is an obvious place to start. Check the thermostat to see if it is in a cool setting. Ensure that the temperature on the thermostat is well below the room temperature or the temperature in your house.

Breaker Box.

A breaker box is installed in all Goodman Central Air Conditioners to protect them from damage. When an overload is detected, the circuit is tripped, and it may be the reason why your AC is not functioning. Go to the breaker box and find if the circuit breaker for the air conditioning compressor is tripped. If the circuit breaker is tripped, there is likely a short circuit somewhere in the machine. Opting for AC repair in Orlando FL can help solve this problem quickly.


Since you know that there is a short somewhere in the machine, you should further investigate the problem. Firstly, turn off the breaker for the compressor and switch off the power to the compressor. Next, you should remove the cover on the top of the compressor with the help of a screwdriver. Check whether the wiring inside the machine or the fan’s motor is charred or has signs of damage.


Next, we should check if the motor for the fan or the fan is damaged. To check if the fan is faulting, you should turn the compressor fan carefully with your hand to find out if it rotates. If it does not, you should opt for air conditioning repair in Orlando FL, to help replace the fan.

Dirt And Debris.

Over time dirt and debris accumulate in the machine, this prevents proper airflow and could be the reason why the air conditioner is not working. Check for any unwanted debris like sticks, grass, sand, or leaves and promptly remove them.


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