In today’s times, before calling in for professional help you often might want to look after most matters by yourselves. This may also be the case when it comes to the maintenance of your air conditioner. 

If your air conditioner is facing some issues, before contacting any HVAC company, you might want to reboot the system by looking for the reset button. Apart from this, another reason that you should be aware of the reset button is, because of the protection circuit breaker that prevents explosions or fires in case of a power outage problem, the air conditioner might not fully kick in. 

Be it any problem with your Goodman air conditioner, if checking the circuit breakers or fuses is not very helpful, you can resort to a quick system reboot with the help of the reset button. By hitting this button, your air conditioner will continue to function normally in no time. 

If you fear tampering with the AC units and prefer getting the professional help you can look for air conditioner tune up Orlando fl or air conditioning inspection in Orlando fl.

How To Locate The Goodman AC Unit Reset Button?

Generally, the reset button of the Goodman AC unit is located on the outdoor unit, especially where tubing is done on the unit. There may be chances of this high-pressure switch tripping when hot, so it is advised to look for any dirt or grime clogging the coil.

How To Reset The Air Conditioner?

To reset the air conditioner, once you have located the reset button, look for the circuit breaker in the electrical power service panel, corresponding to your Goodman air conditioner system.

On searching the reset button, hold it down for about 20 seconds and release. If the AC does not restart, then repeat the step. If resetting the system does not work, then there might be some issues with the power supply, or the filter may be clogged.

In most cases, rebooting the system by hitting the reset button works well, but if the AC unit is still not responding well, maybe due to the continuous tripping of the circuit breaker or lesser than usual cooling, such issues require professional aid. 

These problems may be caused due to bare wires within the air conditioning system, loose electrical connections which lead to power surges, and eventually tripping of the AC reset button. The conditions for safety risks, later on, might harm the air conditioning unit.

What To Do In The Absence Of The Reset Button On The AC Unit?

Various air conditioner models do not have a reset button included in the system design. In such cases, you will have to reset the system manually. The reason why some models do not have a reset button may be because people tend to keep pushing the button unwantedly.

If you wish to reset the air conditioner system manually, you may contact ac inspection Orlando fl or ac tune up Orlando fl for guidance.

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