The Open High Limit in a Goodman furnace shows the negligence that has been done, which has led to the furnace setting on the self mode. You can reset the Furnace by clearing the code and reconnecting the power.

The primary role of a high limit is to protect the burner from getting over-heated that can cause damage to the whole burner. This high-temperature switch is a small device inside the Furnace but has an essential role in the functioning of the Furnace.

Three Situations Can Arise in The Case of Open High Limit

  • The repetitive high limit can get your Furnace stuck open.
  • Open High Limit can also get the Furnace locked out on safety.
  • The bimetal can also get stuck because of the Open High limit.

What Can You Do on Your Own To Reset The Furnace?

  • When your Furnace gets stuck open, all you need to do is turn the power off and slowly tap on the surface of the cabinet area of the Furnace after removing the limit.
  • In case the bimetal of the Furnace is stuck, gently tapping on the cabinet helps fix the issue of a high open limit.
  • Check the filter because there is a possibility that the filter is clogged which has led to the high open limit of the Furnace.
  • Try to rectify the over heater temperature condition, including dirty evaporator coil, supply that got closed, blocked venting of airflow, and many other common causes.

These standard checks will help you understand the issue with the Goodman Furnace.

The Importance of Limit Switches in The Goodman Furnace

The limit switch protects the Furnace automatically while overheating, whereas a fault might appear when the limit switch is not working in a specified period required to switch off the burner in case of overheating. Some of the functions of a high limit switch in a Goodman Furnace are as follows –

  • Controls The Main Blower of The Furnace

Modern furnaces like Goodman Furnace always consider the central blower as the Furnace’s security feature, which provides the burner with heat. The blower controls the heat, whereas the open high limit ensures the amount of heat that should not exceed during the use of the Furnace.

  • Controlling Heat of The Burner

When the heat gets out of control, it can result in considerable damage, making open high limit a necessity inside the Furnace. It is possible for you to get the heating replacement in Orlando, FL easily compared to any other replacement center.

For all the reasons stated above, maintenance plays an important role even when replacing the Furnace. Therefore, heating replacement in Orlando, FL, will help you get through this process.

You can visit for any further assistance and get your furnace repaired without putting in any extra effort. However, the significant factor for any furnace to function correctly is frequent maintenance and care. You can book your appointment in the nearest furnace maintenance in Orlando, FL.