Are you tired of your Goodman Furnace that keeps turning on and off? If yes, you need not worry much about it because it is a common problem faced by the customers because of a few minor reasons that need to be kept in mind while operating the Furnace.

You need to get it repaired quickly after checking a few things, which will not make you spend much on utility bills. The Furnace might have minor defects in the motor or flame sensor, which can be easily repaired.

Your Goodman Furnace can turn on and off because of the following reasons –

  • Flame Sensor

The function of the flame sensor is to detect the flame, which, if damaged, will fail to notice the flame leading to the shutting off of voltage to the gas valve by the control board to stop the Goodman Furnace from heating.

You can get it repaired by heating service Orlando, FL, at minimal costs.

  • Control Board

The control board is the Furnace’s brain, which supplies power to every part of the Furnace, which needs the energy to start or function. A defective control board can make your Goodman Furnace turn off and on.

  • Draft Inducer Motor

The motor gets air exchanged into heat, leading to the exhaustion of flue. The pressure switch in the draft inducer motor shifts the signal of airflow.

A damaged Draft Inducer Motor can also cause problems in the turning on and off of the Furnace. The heating repair Orlando, FL, can solve your problem quickly when you visit them.

  • Pressure Switch

The pressure switch in the Furnace helps to maintain the heat by switching off the Furnace when the heat is sufficient and has proper airflow, but if the pressure switch of the Furnace is not working, it might confuse with the turning on and off of the Goodman Furnace.

  • Flame Rollout Limit Switch

The limit switch monitors the surrounding of the burners and detects the heat if any.

The “flame rollout limit switch” will turn off the burner if the motor cannot catch enough heat or the Furnace cannot vent out the heat properly. The heating service in Orlando, FL, will help you to get this switch fixed in no time.

  • Reduced Air Flow

Suppose you haven’t changed your air filter in a while, the filters might get clogged and dirty, retaining all the heat that gets exchanged, leading to the overheating of filters.

You are supposed to change the air filters every 90 days. The reduction in the airflow can be because of clogged air supply vents and the blower wheel of the filter.

You can visit our website to get the Goodman furnace repaired whenever you feel it is getting turned off and on. This is a prevalent problem that will not make you spend much on the repairs. Van Eddies Heating and Air will help you get to the root cause of the furnace defect, helping you fix it as soon as possible.